Welcome to Buying Agent Philippines

Since 1998 BUYING AGENT PHILIPPINES (BAP) has been helping Importers, Wholesalers and, Retail buyers in many countries.

At BAP we always go the extra mile.  The devil is always in the details and we are very diligent in following up and delivering on all aspects of product sourcing, design and product development, price negotiation, production monitoring, Quality Control Inspection, packaging, consolidating and, shipping.

We serve client from around the globe to include South Africa, France, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Hawaii, Fiji, India,  China, Peru, Uruguay, Mongolia , Norway, Vanuatu and, USA.

We have pre qualified Philippine manufacturers and know the best ones to go to for the product that you may seek. We also know which ones to avoid because they have a bad track record. Buyers should not rely only on the inspection report offered by the producer.  You should have the sense to organize your own inspection as well if you really want the product to meet the export standard.



Sourcing From Around the Philippines 

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