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It is very important to have someone “ON THE GROUND” to make sure a QUALITY PRODUCT gets loaded within your shipping container.  Since 1998 BUYING AGENT PHILIPPINES has been helping Importers, Wholesalers, and, Retail buyers in many countries.

BAP provides for the international buyer, expert, full time field representation. Buying Agent Philippines (BAP) always goes the extra mile. The devil is always in the details and BAP is very diligent in following up and delivering on all aspects of product sourcing, design and product development, price negotiation, production monitoring, Quality Control Inspection, packaging and shipping.

BAP assists and facilitates for you the sourcing, development, purchasing, production, quality control, consolidation and shipping of many product categories. Products include electronics, rattan and wicker furniture, bamboo furniture, wrought iron furniture, wood furniture,  Abaca, Raffia, Bacbac and,  Hapao baskets and hampers, outdoor, patio, garden, Polyethylene or, PE furniture, accessories,  Fiber-reinforced concrete, FRC products, handicrafts, gifts, house wares, costume jewelry, shell craft, fashion accessories, Christmas decors, and, bathroom accessory to name a few.

BAP is purely a service company, our ability to leverage our extensive and highly focused experience when sourcing products throughout the Philippines avails our customers of the right product at the lowest cost.

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