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“The buyer should not rely only on the inspection report offered by the producer, they should have the sense to do their own inspection as well if they really want the product to meet the export standard.” President BAP, Mie Ann Lo Leonard

BAP QUALITY CONTROL SERVICES (BAP) has been helping Buyers since 1998

Attention to detail… we provide for the international buyer, expert, full time representation. We go the extra mile for our clients, acting as their eyes and ears in the Philippine market. We oversee the production of merchandise, even in the most remote locations, to ensure that it arrives, as ordered and on time.

BAP has professional and experienced QUALITY CONTROL staff that thoroughly inspect the production process throughout Prototype Development, Inline Inspections and, Final Inspections.

At BAP we always go the extra mile. We are very detail oriented and diligent in following up and delivering on all aspects of Product Sourcing, design, development, price negotiation, production monitoring, Quality Control Inspection, packaging as required for Drop Shipments and, air or sea freight shipment modes.

Our services include:

  •  Identifying and qualifying Philippine suppliers
  • Product sourcing
  • Design and development assistance
  • Coordinating sample approvals.
  • Production monitoring and quality control inspections
  • Packaging design assistance.
  • Supervising shipping and other logistics service assistance.