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“The buyer should not rely only on the inspection report offered by the producer, they should have the sense to do their own inspection as well if they really want the product to meet the export standard.” President BAP, Mie Ann Lo Leonard

What Buying Agent Services Are Offered?

  • SOURCINGWe can locate the appropriate manufacturer for wide ranges of products. This includes furniture such as rattan and wicker furniture, wood furniture, wrought iron furniture, outdoor and garden furniture, bamboo furniture and, mixed media furniture. We keep updated regarding the key Philippine manufacturer’s or suppliers of accessories, handicrafts, shell crafts, gifts, house wares, costume jewelry, fashion accessories, holiday decors, natural fibers and much more.. 

We can help you facilitate the development of your designs.


  • PRE-ORDERINGBuying Agent Philippines pre-approves supplier selections, negotiates for the lowest price and, begins the processing of sample or prototype development and, or, swatch requirements. 
  • PURCHASINGWhen you are purchasing goods in the Philippines we can assist you by reviewing your invoices to be certain they are complete and accurate (note: it is advisable that these following reviews be scheduled prior to your final order approval).
    • Review invoices for accuracy.
    • Review delivery and production timetable.
    • Review terms and conditions of payment.
    • Review bank information when necessary.
    • Review CBM volume estimate for consolidation and loading purposes.
    • Review correctness of pricing.
    • Review product description.
    • Review exporter ‘FOB’ responsibilities such as fumigation and when necessary providing proper access for consolidation purposes.
    • Review with both buyer and supplier for the availability of counter samples and/or product photos.
    • Review details concerning packaging and/or crating.
    • Review available shipping options. 
  • QUALITY CONTROL (QC) INSPECTIONQC inspection procedures can involve many steps, including (but not limited to) the following:
    • QC during production (Production Monitoring).
    • QC inspection that is scheduled prior to packaging (Pre shipment Quality Assurance inspection.).
    • QC inspection for material and component quality.
    • QC inspection for structural integrity.
    • QC inspection for finish workmanship, to include inspection for ‘fine sanding’ of jointed sections and visual check for blemishes. (Visual appearance inspection.).
    • QC inspection for accuracy of finish noting if color or shade is as ordered.
    • Table QC InspectionQC inspection for product consistency.
    • QC inspection for review of packaging and material (suitability & effectiveness)
    • QC inspection report copied to buyer supported by Photo Documentation. 
  • CONTAINER PACKING AND SHIPPINGYou will gain from having extra care taken when your products are properly packed and stowed into the container. We will review as follows:
    • Review the most cost-effective method of moving your cargo.
    • Review all available freight options with you and provide you with the best available recommendations.
    • Sofa QC InspectionReview and plan out as necessary all logistical matters concerning your consolidations.
    • Review stowage procedures and plan any necessary co-loading with exporter.
    • Review as necessary loading report (commonly referred to as the “stuffing report”) with exporter and freight forwarder to assure that the Bill of Lading ( B/L) and Commercial Invoice (C/I) are accurate.
    • Review all procedures concerning forwarding of documentation in a timely manner.
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